Trolls used to be something you'd read about as a child. They'd hide under a bridge, threatening goats... until they met their untimely end. Trolls also popped up in Scandinavian folklore many centuries ago, taking on a rather sinister demeanour... whilst casually eating people. It was all a bit doom and gloom for trolls, hence why they probably had a bit more of a colourful revival in the 90s. This is when trolls had reinvented themselves with brightly coloured hair, and just wanted to be loved. How can you not love a 90s troll?

Unfortunately, 'troll' is now a term used to describe a person who feeds off of the insecurities of others in an online social environment. They manifest themselves around the comments section of a post writing nasty stuff without any consideration for the recipient. If you're not prepared to say something to someone's face then don't write it either... this is not the logic of a troll. According to Scandinavian folklore, daylight is normally enough to kill a troll in its tracks. Imagine if that applied here too? Social media would be a much kinder place.