A Kentish born illustrator living in London.
Loves cycling & cooking, just not at the same time.

I’m a part time Illustrator with a colourful imagination and a hunger for things that inspire me. I have been drawing since I can remember and have developed my style over the years since leaving University. I graduated in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, but developed a bit of an illustrative style along the way. This experience gave me confidence in my work, and in myself as an artist. This was by far the most valuable thing I took away from the course, but the learning didn't stop there. I'm a great believer in self improvement... My outlook is that we're never the finished article, and there's always room to improve. For example, it has been hugely satisfying seeing my drawing style mature over the years, and know it's not going to stop anytime soon.

*This includes a more personal account about me. Please be warned that it covers some pretty raw experiences which have shaped me into the person I am today.