Our brains are like sponges.
They need a good squeeze every now and then.


Below is a list of chapters in my life. The places mentioned reflect where I spent most of my time during that time period. I haven't included everything, and certainly not everyone, just certain highlights and lowlights. There is currently very little mention of my siblings, even though they're my closest friends. This isn't intentional, just that I wanted to offload some other stuff first. More chapters to follow...


I was born in Kent (the Garden of England as it is more commonly known) in the mid 80s. I am the third of four, and fortunate enough to have a very wholesome upbringing. Dad was a 6ft 6in biker, covered in tattoos, and would regularly use swearing as a term of endearment. Mum on the other hand was the complete opposite. She was rarely out of her apron and was always cooking or baking something. Keeping four kids clean, fed and watered... as well as running the shop whilst Dad was away buying and selling out the back of his old vintage van. Appearances can be deceiving, but they were soulmates.

Anyway, I grew up in Deal, a seaside town just down the road from Dover. I studied at The Downs CEP before moving onto Castle Community School. For every year I was there, a new head teacher would start... all trying harder than the last to make it work. I liked the challenge of doing well against all the odds. Don't get me wrong, we had some amazing teachers, and I wouldn't change my experience there if I could. During this time I found a love for skateboarding. Again, I loved the challenge and it kept me out of trouble during my teenage years. I still pop out every now and again on my board, just to remind myself I still can.

However, one of the hardest things to go through at such a young age was the news about Dad. He was diagnosed with having a brain tumour. We were all devastated, but his attitude was to not let anything get in his way, including the golf ball sized growth trying to kill him. The tumour was eventually operated on, and the operation was thankfully a success. For many years after he had to go for checkups, and even followed up with another operation. It's hard to explain what we went through as a family but the whole experience brought us closer together, something that's still true today.