We all have a choice in life. We can choose to live, or we can choose to exist. For a long while I was existing, and that was fine. It served its purpose. Whilst existing I also did a lot of thinking. I concluded that the difficulty with existing is that time slips away much quicker. And to exist is to watch time go by without doing anything about it. The pandemic had thrown a lot of us back into mere existence, but time doesn't wait for anybody. Time keeps on ticking, one second at a time, one day to the next.

Time is completely non-refundable so it's probably a good idea to stop spending time on things you don't enjoy spending time on. Some may even say that it's an even better idea to start spending more time on things you do enjoy spending time on. Anyway, only you should control what you do with your time, so go out and live it. Death is the end of time as we know it, Life is how we make the most of it. The more you think about life, the chances are you'll think about death too. Stop thinking, stop existing, start living.