A new year, a new website. This site has changed a lot over the years, but I intend to keep adding fresh content for many years to come. Who knows, there may even be a shop... It's only been 10 years since this was first teased. So, what do I want to achieve this year? Portrait Roulette was a great project introduced last year, which I intend to continue this year too. Collaborations are also on the cards so can't wait to get that ball rolling with that. The main priority is to just keep drawing, and with that more projects will follow.

I want the website to serve as a means to keep up motivation and self discipline within my creativity. One of the hardest things to maintain is self discipline. It's very easy to procrastinate, even if it's not intentional, but this should keep me on track. I have added a few pages on here which dig a little deeper into my life, to help give a back story behind my current position in life. Be sure to pop back every now and then for new content and news, I'll still be here, in my cupboard, drawing away... Stay safe everyone x