It's been nearly a year since committing to home life on a more permanent basis. There's been the odd moment of freedom, breaks in between lockdowns, but generally my home has been my life since March 2020. I live in a one bed maisonette with my Irish partner in crime (and now wife), Natasha. We've learned to adapt and convert our living space into a working from home office. We've gone through more loo roll, tea bags, and milk than ever before. But we're still going strong, and get stronger with each day that passes.

There's been high moments and low moments, but it's not all bad really... We have our health and a roof over our heads, and I feel very fortunate to be locked up with my best friend (for the sake of humour I wish I was being ironic). Our bird feeder in the front garden has been one of the best distractions during lockdown, offering light entertainment during the lunch break. Anyway, more working from home, more uncertainty and even more conversations about the pandemic to follow. Stay safe everyone x