My brain is a sponge. It holds a lot of water and you could probably clean the dishes with it too. Everything I see and hear impacts how my brain develops and also how I feel. I believe we should be able to choose what we see and hear on a daily basis. If we lose this control, we're then letting others control how we feel instead, right? I once lost control of what I was seeing down to being too considerate to the feelings of others. Not unfollowing people because you might be offending them, even though their content is completely un-relatable, for example.

I use WhatsApp to stay in touch with my friends and family... a safe and convenient means to stay connected. Group chats are convenient because it means you can check-in with several friends at once. However, group chats are a great hive for accumulating spam too. I don't mean the American tinned meat, I mean junk images and videos. Your phone gradually fills up with this stuff and you lose track. What do you do? Ask yourself if the group is serving a purpose you're happy with and act accordingly, keeping that sponge of yours nice and fresh.